The Effects of Inflation on the Insurance Industry

Effects of Inflation on the Insurance Industry

…And How to Protect Yourself Inflation has become a hot topic in recent months, and unfortunately, it’s not going away any time soon. While it may be easier to understand the impact when we see prices at the grocery store, inflation influences much more than that. In this blog, we’ll outline three ways inflation has […]

Safeguard Your Vacant Commercial Property


For business owners or commercial real estate landlords, there are numerous reasons why a commercial operation may need to close for an extended period. A storefront may be waiting for a new renter or shutter for weeks or months during large-scale renovations. The COVID-19 pandemic closed some businesses permanently, with owners left to determine how […]

Habitability Claims & Commercial Property

An increasing amount of property owners were faced with habitability lawsuits in recent years. In California, juries are handing down million-dollar awards in lawsuits to plaintiffs claiming apartment complex owners failed to maintain ‘habitable’ properties. A civil jury in Alhambra awarded a Los Angeles family $1.6 million in a bedbug case. It was the biggest […]

Senior Living Apartment Insurance


Today’s senior citizens are looking for new opportunities to meet new people, travel, and stay active. This mentality to connect and stay active has led to many seniors choosing to live in communities rather than isolated retirement locations. In senior communities, homes, condos, and apartments are often built with seniors in mind, but technically they’re […]

Preventing and Preparing for Apartment and Condo Hailstorms


With all the great things spring brings us, it delivers that nobody likes — hail and hail damage.  Hail visits us every spring due to the cold air from the north clashing with the warm, humid Gulf of Mexico air and sets the stage for intense thunderstorms. These storms cause weather events from strong winds and […]