Small Business Division

Product Overview

This division is designed to provide the retailer solutions for their small business clients in property, general liability and crime lines of business. Several carriers, both admitted and non-admitted, are available so that the best coverages and pricing can be presented. Most submissions can be quoted with our carrier online, providing you with prompt turnaround time.


All classes can be considered including but not limited to:

  • Owner occupied small businesses – all lines *
  • Lessor Risk – all lines
  • Limited service hotels – all lines
  • Habitational
    • Apartments – GL
    • Condominiums – GL
    • Dwellings – all lines
  • Institutional risks
    • Churches – all lines
    • Assisted living and nursing home facilities – all lines
    • Non-Profit organizations – all lines

* Contracting and restaurant risks are currently not being solicited.

  • Continental United States
  • Acords, Excel Schedule of Values, 5 year loss runs, target terms and pricing

CAT & Specialty Property Division Applications

Download: ACORD Application (125)

Download: Division Supplemental Habitational Application

Download: MRS CAT (SOV)

Download: MRS NON-CAT (SOV)

To Obtain Quotes: A complete submission requires the following:
  • ACORD application (Commercial Section).
  • 3 – 5 years of loss summary for all underlying policies.
  • Supplemental applications (at the underwriter’s discretion).
  • Please submit to:
To Bind Coverage:
  1. A written request to bind.
  2. A signed ACORD submission.
  3. 3 years of loss runs for all underlying policies.
  4. Supplemental applications (at the underwriter’s discretion).


Larry Porter