Vacant Property Insurance

Product Overview

Commercial property owners must protect themselves while their property is vacant or at minimal occupancy. McGowan Risk Specialists has access to several carriers who are able to apply heavy credits to this class of business. As the market continues to tighten up on most all other real estate, carriers are looking to diversify their books with vacant property accounts


  • Vacant Office
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Buildings
  • Low Occupancy Properties (including retail)
  • Recently Purchased Properties That Have Yet to be Occupied
  • Strip Malls
  • Habitational


  • Break-ins
  • Theft
  • Vandalism and Equipment Breakdown
  • Many more…


  • Special Form Available
  • Theft/VMM Coverage Available (may be limited)
  • Water Damage/Sprinkler Leakage Coverage Available (may be limited)
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage Available
  • RCV Available (depending on age and condition)
  • Long-Term Vacancy Considered
  • No restrictions on length of vacancy


  • A.M. Best A Rating
  • Various valuation options available
  • Loss Limit for purchase price available without coinsurance


Download MRS CAT Vacant Property Brochure

CAT & Specialty Property Division Applications

Download: ACORD Application (125)

Download: Vacant Property Supplemental

Download: Checklist

Download: MRS CAT (SOV)

Download: MRS NON-CAT (SOV)

To Obtain Quotes:
A complete submission requires the following:

  • ACORD application (Commercial Section).
  • Excel SOV (if available)
  • Loss Runs
  • McGowan Supplemental Application
  • Target Terms & Pricing
  • Please submit to:
To Bind Coverage:
  1. A written request to bind.
  2. A signed ACORD submission.
  3. 3 years of loss runs for all underlying policies.
  4. Supplemental applications (at the underwriter’s discretion).


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