Wind Deductible Buy-Down Insurance

Product Overview

MRS CAT & Specialty Property is the wholesale division of McGowan Risk Specialists dedicated to hard-to-place, wind-exposed risks of all sizes.

TARGET Apartments, Condos, Hotels, Shopping Centers, & General Real Estate
  • Wind Deductible can be bought down on a percentage basis or to a flat deductible (i.e. a specific dollar amount)
  • Flat deductible: As low as $5,000
  • Coastal and non-coastal risks eligible
  • Maximum line: $1mm
  • Fast, in-house authority with quick turnaround

Download MRS CAT Wind Deductible Buy-Down Brochure

CAT & Specialty Property Division Applications

Download: ACORD Application (125)

Download: Checklist

Download: MRS CAT (SOV)

Download: MRS NON-CAT (SOV)

To Obtain Quotes: A complete submission requires the following:
  • Acord 125 and 140, preferably with fully-completed Excel schedule of values
  • Loss history
  • Current terms
  • Overlying carrier structure
  • Request deductible
To Bind Coverage:
  1. A written request to bind.
  2. A signed ACORD submission.
  3. 3 years of loss runs for all underlying policies.
  4. Supplemental applications (at the underwriter’s discretion).


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